Crystal Minx Fox Tail Butt Plug

animaltailbuttplugIf you’re looking for something to add a foxy vibe to your love life, a fox tail butt plug just might be the answer. Slender enough to be comfortable, yet thick enough to give you that exquisite “pressure”, this genuine tanned and De-boned fox tail allows you to explore your inner animalistic nature. Get wild with your partner!

I’ll never forget the first time I saw my fox tail plug. I was at the sex shop with my fella and as soon as my eyes landed on all that furry beauty, I couldn’t help myself. I simply had to have a toy like that! I think he thought I was a little nuts, but he found it amusing and said I could be his “foxy lady” if that’s what I was into.

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I’ll admit that I was a little embarrassed to try it out for the first time. It took me a few days to get up the courage, actually. But every day I’d peek in my drawer and pet my tail and finally, I had to try it. I’d never used anything in my bottom before and I was a little nervous about that, but I was happily surprised to find out that with a little lubrication, it was quite comfortable. What I was even more surprised about, though, was how sexy I felt with that tail in me. I felt like an animal – wild and free and ready to pounce on my partner and possess him in every way. I absolutely became the aggressor that night, and although my man seemed a little uncomfortable at first, he soon seemed to really be enjoying himself. I had the most amazing time!

I never expected something as simple as a fox tail butt plugs to enhance our sex life so much, but it has really added another dimension to our sensuous play and we couldn’t be happier!

fox tail butt plugs

Pig Tail Butt Plug

Pig tail butt plugsSometimes you don’t feel like a cute and cuddly creature – sometimes you just want to feel and look the part of a dirty ol’ pig. The glass pig tail butt plug really helps you get into the mindset of being the dirty livestock you crave to be!

For quite a while I’ve had this urge to contact a Financial Domme. I could feel, deep down into my bones that I needed someone that could put me in my place and take whatever they needed from me. After having numerous fakes and scammers contact me, I finally found the woman I was meant to worship. Mistress Sabina fully understands what a paypig needs and thankfully she exploits it greatly.

After talking to her for a couple weeks, she decided that she would take me on full time as her piggy. She wanted to humiliate me and make me really feel my place, so she insisted I buy the pig tail anal plug. I could feel something inside me change, it twisted my stomach up in knots with just how hot this was! Once it arrived in the mail, I bought some lube and tried to use it. I wanted to be sure I knew how I would take it once my Mistress was around.

This was my first experience with a glass plug. All of the ones I’ve used in the past were silicone and I had no issues with them. With this one being glass, it made me a bit more gentle with it at first. Turns out it’s pretty sturdy though, so I wasn’t risking the actual tail breaking off or anything. It’s been easy to clean after sessions of wearing it and it sticks out far enough for me and my Miss to really enjoy it as I’m down on all fours.

With this butt plug it really helps get my head into subspace when I’m supposed to be that dirty worthless paypig – and that’s been incredible! As soon as I feel it in, I’m in the zone and putty in the hands of the woman I worship!

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Horse Tail Butt Plug – Best Deal Online

horse tail butt plugsIf you’ve always wanted to be a show pony, a work horse, or just a playful pet, a horse tail butt plug is just the addition to your sex toy collection you need! These long and graceful tails are perfect for pony play – doesn’t matter if you’re playing in the bedroom or taking it out to the yard – these toys will withstand it all.

I have friends who have been into pet play for ages now. They let me peek into their world and see what kind of beautiful and erotic activities they get up to. Once I saw the men and women all dressed up and adorned with pieces that are a combination of bondage devices and pony attire, I fell in love. I saw so many different tails, bit gags, and kinds of headgear; I had to get my own.

After some research online, I saw this tail and figured it would be perfect for a beginner like myself. I’m no stranger to butt plugs, but I am to anything hanging off of them. I have a jewel ended putt plug that is awesome, so having something hanging between my legs was something it took me a little to get used to, but honestly, it wasn’t a bad thing. The swishing tail actually tickled my backside, which added an unexpected added bonus to it. Once I had it in and was on my hands and knees, I couldn’t stop crawling around and getting turned on.

The actual ‘hair’ on the horse tail butt plug is a little coarse. It doesn’t bother me as far as when it touches my skin though. I’m really looking forward to looking like a beautiful human pony. I plan on braiding my toy to really give my horse persona that personal touch.


Animal butt plugs

Bunny Tail Butt Plug

bunny tail butt plugsBecause of a certain adult magazine, deep down inside every woman wants be a bunny – at least in the eyes of her partner – and a bunny tail butt plug is one way of fulfilling that fantasy in a very kinky way. Made of crystal, with a small knob that feels quite comfortable when inserted, this is the perfect butt plug for someone seeking that cheeky, playful sensuality in the kink world.

I just love my little bunny tail. I saw it one day as we were wandering around the adult store, having fun checking out the latest toys. It was just the cutest thing sitting there, all pink and furry. I liked that the part you insert seemed small enough to not hurt (I had problems with other butt plugs in the past). The fuzzy tail was a real turn on and my husband and I have had a lot of fun roleplaying – with me acting like a rabbit – pouring drinks and bending over to make sure my tail was prominently displayed. I love to shake my tail in front of him, letting him know loud and clear what kind of mood I’m in and how much I’d like to be HIS personal bunny.

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The bunny tail anal plug is made with real fur and some may feel a little funny about that, but I personally don’t want to see any part of an animal wasted, so I have no problem with it. Also, it makes me feel that much more like the bunny I’m pretending to be. I never realized just how sexy role playing could be in the bedroom, but this little butt plug has awakened our sex life in a huge way.  Now, the thought of it gets me so excited that even cutting up carrots for dinner turns me on. And my husband knows it’s going to be a fun night when he walks in the door and smells carrot cake in the oven and the martini shaker on the counter.

bunny tail butt plugs




Animal Tail Butt Plugs The Hottest One

cute animal tail butt plugAnimal tail butt plugs are a delightful way to add fun and play to your bedroom. For many people, butt plugs are a bit taboo – making the act of using them feel rather naughty and exciting. A butt plug with an animal tail attached brings a whole new world of imaginative play into your love life.

On special occasions, I’ve been known to enjoy anal sex with my husband, but I never really had any interest in butt plugs. I guess they just seemed a little silly to me. But recently, I came across some animal tail butt plugs online and they just made me laugh, smile – and yes, feel a little turned on. I was definitely curious, so I purchased a pig tail butt plug and eagerly awaited its arrival.

This thing has awakened our love life in ways I never thought possible. I know it will sound silly to you – heck, it IS silly – but my husband makes inserting my butt plug a wonderfully sensuous act, and once it’s in, all I want to do is shake my piggy tail at him and be his dirty little pet. I feel like a real sex object again, and yet so incredibly sexy at the same time. Being able to share such a naughty, fun secret with my husband has stimulated our relationship on every level! I guarantee this toy has been cheaper – and a lot more fun – than couples counseling!

One of the best things about these wonderful little toys is their variety. For a small price, you can have the tail of a cat, bunny, or even a fox. After seeing first hand all the fun we have had with our piggy tail, I can’t wait to collect one of each kind of animal so we can happily turn our bedroom into one red hot heavy petting zoo!

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