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animal tail anal plugsAnimal tail butt plugs are interesting sex toys that can add so much spice to your usual bedroom escapades. These adult toys are not to be confused with anal plugs because the latter is used for medical purposes and not recreational. Tail butt plugs can be used in a variety of sexual role playing among partners and come in many sizes and designs.

One particularly popular kind is known as the animal butt plugs that is designed to be inserted into the rectum for sexual pleasure. Invented by Frank E. Young in 1892, the butt plug or the ‘Rectal Dilator’ is more similar to a dildo, but shorter and has a flanged end to prevent the device from being lost inside the wearer’s butt.

Plugs come in a variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures and with some like penises and others ribbed or wavy. They are also made of a variety of materials like latex which is the most common and most preferred. Silicone is a particularly good material, as it can be disinfected in boiling water, but some claim that they tend smell unlike latex plugs, glass or stone plugs.

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The most popular design for the butt plugs though is the one that looks like animal tail with long hair or simulated animal tails attached to the base of the plug that is often use in pony-play, domination, and submission or fantasy role play. The animal tail butt plugs are also known as fetish plugs because they are designed in a way to be unusual, exciting, or unique of course, catering to the desires of a particular male and/or female sexual fetishes.

Most often, animal tail butt plugs are used in animal play that is actually a fetish. The submissive is literally trained and treated like an animal sometimes even to the point of being ridden by the dominant. To enhance the play a butt plug with a tail is used to allow the submissive into a deeper form of submission. The power play between the sub and dom becomes deep and strong and with this greater degree of power exchange, the partners can enjoy the psychological and physical effects of role-playing to an optimal level.

Adult toys like this serve the users by increasing the pleasure of play. Pony play isn’t the only plug that can be loads of fun. Anyone can use this toy for any purpose butt plug with fox tailthey can think of. Couples committed to serious sexual play have to make use of toys in order to satisfy their every cravings and imagination and animal butt tail plugs can genuinely enhance the experience.

With faux animal tail or real animal hair, the plug when worn or inserted gives the impression of actually having a tail that makes human puppy play more interesting. Some manufacturers use faux fur while some make sure that no animals are harmed in making real fur animal tail butt plugs since they can use the scraps of animal fur.

Fox Tail Butt Plug – The Most Wanted Plug Of Them All

This tail plug, for example, can be made from real fur and even stuck on one of the crystal delights, handcrafted from glass. They also make faux fur tails and can be purchased from resellers.

fox tail anal plugs

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They’re made for kinky and highly erotic foreplay like when a master inserts the plug into the submissive’s butt that can be admired as the wearer wags it like a real animal would.

This one looks exactly really amazing!  It is using other sexual toys and garments like leather, the tail would make the wearer look wildly sexy and arousing for those who are into animal role-playing or are interested in trying it out. The toy is usually 18 inches long and makes for an exciting recreational activity in the bedroom, helps in exploring and understanding your sexuality and preferences.

animal tail butt plugs for sale

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These type of tail plugs don’t seem to have any difference at first when compared to the horse version which is more known as horseplay.

But anyways, you would be surprised there’s something about that furry tail that creates a wildly erotic new feeling and takes the wearer to a whole new place, especially in submission.

Bunny Tail Butt Plug Is My Favorite One

In the case of the especially cute animal tail butt plug, the furry little and often white tail makes for a wonderful purchase to use or give away to couples who are interested in domination and submission and or animal play.

bunny tail analplug

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Masters or Doms can have their submissive dress up as a cute little rabbit with an awesome sexual drive. There is power exchange and even sexual humiliation for dom and sub when wearing the animal tail butt plug and that in itself is the best reason to get one.

This one, for instance, has been considered a sexual symbol i.e. Playboy and this plug will make the idea more explicit and arousing.

Using your imagination, you can create a whole new in the bedroom or any safe place you prefer you and your partner feel free to explore your sexual preferences.  To get your favorite bunny tails with included reviews, click here.


Cat Tail Butt Plug For Kitty Lovers

cat tail anal plug

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These animal tail butt plugs are also exceptionally arousing especially if you and your partner play your card right. Women all over the world would love to role play the sexpot Catwoman, right?

With the right length and duration inside the butt, the tails would feel nicely erotic especially when the tail is brushing against the butt and the sensitive parts of the wearer’s legs as you conduct whatever play you and your partner have in mind. And this brushing against the skin will serve as a constant reminder of wearer’s place as a submissive.

Because of the nature of the toy, you’ll have to be extra clean down there or you risk getting waste on the fur, which is exceptionally hard to get out. One thing to always keep in mind aside from making sure your animal tail butt plugs are sanitized is to never try to pull tail during use. While they are high-quality built, they can still split so handle with care even if the sex games get rough.

cat tail plugsThese plugs can be ordered online or at a local sex toys shop. Often, these tails are shipped in a long, white ups box, with no distinct markings to give away what product is inside. But before making a purchase, you can read up on online reviews of various products and choose carefully from a wide array of animal tail butt plugs. Many users claim glass plugs are more comfortable, more hygienic and easy to use. Then consider the size of the plug and tails that are perfect for beginners. All things considered, you and your partner can have fun with these cute toys and increase the level of sexual pleasure in every experience. I hope you find this article about animal tail butt plugs useful.