Bunny Tail Butt Plugs – Buyer’s Guide and Comparisons

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bunny tail plug

Crystal Minx Plug

Because of a certain adult magazine, deep down inside every woman wants be a bunny – at least in the eyes of her partner – and a bunny tail butt plug is one way of fulfilling that fantasy in a very kinky way.

Made of crystal, with a small knob that feels quite comfortable when inserted, this is the perfect butt plug for someone seeking that cheeky, playful sensuality in the kink world.

I just love my little tail. I saw it one day as we were wandering around the adult store, having fun checking out the latest toys. It was just the cutest thing sitting there, all pink and furry. I liked that the part you insert seemed small enough to not hurt (I had problems with other butt plugs in the past).

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The fuzzy tail was a real turn on and my husband and I have had a lot of fun roleplaying – with me acting like a rabbit – pouring drinks and bending over to make sure my tail was prominently displayed. I love to shake my tail in front of him, letting him know loud and clear what kind of mood I’m in and how much I’d like to be HIS personal rabbit.

The bunny tail anal plug is made with real fur and some may feel a little funny about that, but I personally don’t want to see any part of an animal wasted, so I have no problem with it. Also, it makes me feel that much more like the rabbit I’m pretending to be. I never realized just how sexy role playing could be in the bedroom, but this little butt plug has awakened our sex life in a huge way.  Now, the thought of it gets me so excited that even cutting up carrots for dinner turns me on. And my husband knows it’s going to be a fun night when he walks in the door and smells carrot cake in the oven and the martini shaker on the counter.


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