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horse tail butt plug

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If you’ve always wanted to be a show pony, a work horse, or just a playful pet, a horse tail butt plug is just the addition to your sex toy collection you need! These long and graceful tails are perfect for pony play – doesn’t matter if you’re playing in the bedroom or taking it out to the yard – these toys will withstand it all.

I have friends who have been into pet play for ages now. They let me peek into their world and see what kind of beautiful and erotic activities they get up to. Once I saw the men and women all dressed up and adorned with pieces that are a combination of bondage devices and pony attire, I fell in love. I saw so many different tails, bit gags, and kinds of headgear; I had to get my own.

After some research online, I saw this tail and figured it would be perfect for a beginner like myself. I’m no stranger to butt plugs, but I am to anything hanging off of them.

I have a jewel ended putt plug that is awesome, so having something hanging between my legs was something it took me a little to get used to, but honestly, it wasn’t a bad thing. The swishing tail actually tickled my backside, which added an unexpected added bonus to it. Once I had it in and was on my hands and knees, I couldn’t stop crawling around and getting turned on.

The actual ‘hair’ on the horse tail butt plug is a little coarse. It doesn’t bother me as far as when it touches my skin though. I’m really looking forward to looking like a beautiful human pony. I plan on braiding my toy to really give my horse persona that personal touch.

horse tail buttplug

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