Pig Tail Butt Plugs – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

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Sometimes you don’t feel like a cute and cuddly creature – sometimes you just want to feel and look the part of a dirty ol’ man. The glass pig tail butt plug really helps you get into the mindset of being the dirty livestock you crave to be!

pig tail butt plugs

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For quite a while I’ve had this urge to contact a Financial Domme. I could feel, deep down into my bones that I needed someone that could put me in my place and take whatever they needed from me. After having numerous fakes and scammers contact me, I finally found the woman I was meant to worship. Mistress Sabina fully understands what a paypig needs and thankfully she exploits it greatly.

After talking to her for a couple weeks, she decided that she would take me on full time as her piggy. She wanted to humiliate me and make me really feel my place, so she insisted I buy this tail anal plug. I could feel something inside me change, it twisted my stomach up in knots with just how hot this was! Once it arrived in the mail, I bought some lube and tried to use it. I wanted to be sure I knew how I would take it once my Mistress was around.pigtailbuttplugsforsale

This was my first experience with a glass plug. All of the ones I’ve used in the past were silicone and I had no issues with them. With this one being glass, it made me a bit more gentle with it at first. Turns out it’s pretty sturdy though, so I wasn’t risking the actual tail breaking off or anything. It’s been easy to clean after sessions of wearing it and it sticks out far enough for me and my Miss to really enjoy it as I’m down on all fours.

With this butt plug it really helps get my head into subspace when I’m supposed to be that dirty worthless paypig – and that’s been incredible! As soon as I feel it in, I’m in the zone and putty in the hands of the woman I worship!

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